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Open Multipage PDF Illustrator Plugin

Credit Carlos Canto for this plugin which will import a PDF file with multiple pages into a single Illustrator file, placing each page on an individual artboard. Note that you can save the Illustrator file back to multi-page PDF format. Amongst other things, this is useful as an alternative to printing out online forms provided as PDF files. Pull your forms into Illustrator, add text and superimpose images and/or digital signatures, and save them back out. Save some trees.

Download the .JSX file here.

Web and Print Design

HTML5 Project Template

Clone this repository and use as a boilerplate to get up and running with some of the latest Continuous Integration (CI) front-end development tools. Familiarize yourself with GitHub, sign up for an account if you haven’t already (and if you haven’t, do that immediately!), fire up a terminal window (don’t be afraid), install Node.js, clone the repo, npm install, and get ready for all the cool things.

Visit the GitHub repository here.

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