vHyve Video Streaming App

vHyve Video Streaming App

Responsive HTML5 Media Streaming

SVG Drawing Canvas Overlay

Mobile Screenshot:

vHyve Video Streaming App UX and UI

The concept is a live video streaming with a drawing interface and map overlay. HTML5 capabilities are used to track GeoLocation and device orientation. On the development roadmap are the following features:

  • Toggle full-screen mode
  • Logging in as new or existing user
  • User profile setup
  • Tracking of user activity, i.e., user’s logged-in status, whether the user is streaming live video, user’s location (if logged in)
  • Map overlay should display logged in users along with their streaming status, device orientations and camera facing directions; icons should appear on map, color-coded by streaming status, with icons rotated to reflect real direction based on compass’ true north
  • Functionality should be accomplished entirely through HTML5
  • Native application development (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Recording of user’s drawing activity as SVG, possibly with configurable frame rate
  • Screen recording functionality; this should include recording of live media stream as well as user’s drawing activity on separate recorded tracks
  • Cloud storage of recorded media tracks with administrative interface for managing user’s media
  • vHyve Studio module to manage stored media inclusive of post-production tools

View the live work-in-progress here: