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Portfolio and Interactive Samples

Welcome to my UX and UI Portfolio

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InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat
View some of my motion graphics and Promotional Video.
See some of my past work on Behance.

Exploit Prediction Scoring System (EPSS) Data Visualizations

React, TypeScript, D3, Bootstrap, SCSS

React Video Streaming Application Prototype

Current Features:

  • Geolocation
  • Front- and rear-facing cameras on mobile
  • Live drawing canvas overlay with colored swatches in the left sidebar. Swipe the screen or click-and-drag to see it in action. The trash icon clears the canvas.

Feature Pipeline:

  • Map overlay. This is a work in progress. Click the map icon to pull up the overlay. Map has not been fully implemented yet.
  • User profile setup
  • Sharing of geolocation (available on mobile devices), azimuth, and streaming status
  • Stream recording and data storage
  • Stream sharing

Mobile Screenshot:

vHyve Video Streaming App UX and UI

The concept is a live video streaming with a drawing interface and map overlay. HTML5 capabilities are used to track GeoLocation and device orientation. On the development roadmap are the following features:

  • Toggle full-screen mode
  • Logging in as new or existing user
  • User profile setup
  • Tracking of user activity, i.e., user’s logged-in status, whether the user is streaming live video, user’s location (if logged in)
  • Map overlay should display logged in users along with their streaming status, device orientations and camera facing directions; icons should appear on map, color-coded by streaming status, with icons rotated to reflect real direction based on compass’ true north
  • Functionality should be accomplished entirely through HTML5
  • Native application development (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Recording of user’s drawing activity as SVG, possibly with configurable frame rate
  • Screen recording functionality; this should include recording of live media stream as well as user’s drawing activity on separate recorded tracks
  • Cloud storage of recorded media tracks with administrative interface for managing user’s media
  • vHyve Studio module to manage stored media inclusive of post-production tools

View the live work-in-progress here:


A sampling of my design and development work over the years

User Interface Design and Implementation

Screenshots of browser-based Metadata Analytics application User Interface; Django/Python back end, UX and UI front end powered by D3, HTML5, CSS3, raw JavaScript (2015 version):

Metadata Analytics Dashboard UX and UI

Metadata Analytics Tag Analysis UI

Primary User Interface for a complex Excel application powered by VBA (2019 version):

Excel VBA Application UI

Web Design

California Biotech CEO Conference 2013

California Biotech CEO Conference 2013

Bio-Community.org Website 2012

Bio-Community.org 2012

BayBio.org Website 2011

BayBio.org 2011

Sample Trifold

Banner Advertisements

Pantheon 2012 Banner Ad

Pantheon 2012 Home Page Slider

Beyond Benefits Promo Slide

Innovation Promo Slide

Gateway to Northern California Promo Slide

Pantheon 2011 Banner

Pantheon 2010 Banner

BayBio 2010 Annual Report Design

BayBio Annual Report 2010

View and Download a PDF of the Entire Report Here or View the Full Layout Here

CALBIO 2012 Program Design

CALBIO 2012 Program

View and Download a PDF of the Entire Program Here or View the Full Layout Here

California Biomedical Industry Report

California Biomedical Industry Report

California Biomedical Industry Report or View the Full Layout Here

BayBio Whitepaper Report Design

BayBio Whitepaper Report

View and Download a PDF of the Entire Report Here or View the Full Layout Here

Supplemental Background

Visit my Behance profile for a sampling of visual and user interface design work over the years.

Digital Prints Collection 1

Digital Prints Collection 2