Export Named Artboards as PNG Illustrator Plugin

Credit Matthew Ericcson for this plugin. Manage all of your project’s image assets in a single Illustrator file with this plugin. Lay out your assets on individual artboards sized to desired pixel dimensions, name each artboard as you would name each associated PNG file, then run the plugin. You will be prompted with a dialog where you can specify the destination folder for all of your PNGs. This path will be saved to a hidden layer in the Illustrator file, so you only need to set it once. Of course, you can change it at any time. The script will then iterate through each artboard and save PNG files to the destination folder. A note on workflow: You can place source Photoshop .PSD files. I use clipping masks on each artboard and place PSD’s as standard procedure, thus keeping source files fully editable and, of course, using non-destructive editing within Photoshop wherever and whenever possible.

Download the .JSX file here.